The Things We Do For Pets

I’m a one-toon kind of gal.  I’ve started alts but always tired of them very quickly.  I once leveled a Mage to 47 and a DK to 84 (really? not that ONE MORE LEVEL to 85??), but that’s about the length I’ve gone to.

I have been in larger social/raiding guilds, but after finding myself too, let’s call it “emotionally charged” in a prior guild during Cata, I took a break and went into a smaller guild – the bank guild I started that my boyfriend and his brother eventually joined: Friends of Pengu.  That’s it; there’s only three of us in it, people!  So while I managed to score an Armadillo Pup and a Dark Phoenix Hatchling before I left the raiding guild, I’ve been pretty sure that Lil’ Tarecgosa and the Thundering Serpent Hatchling were well out of my grasp.

That is, until I was perusing forums.

I saw that had a guild where people could get together and have fun events/talk about pets.  They also had Lil’ Tarecgosa available.  I was sold, and rolled a Horde toon on the Madoran server in order to request an invite.  I found everyone there super helpful and it was a nice, jovial community.

Later that day, I came across a post on the WoW forums asking if any guild had the Thundering Serpent Hatchling (this is the pet available to a guild who has received the Challenge Conquerors: Gold – Guild Edition achievement).  No guild on my home server has this achievement.  But some amazingly generous pet collector from a guild was allowing invites for players interested in getting both dragonkin pets.


At first I was reticent: I was already in the WarcraftPets guild, and had received some generosity to aide in my leveling.  Also, this other guild was on a PVP server(!!).  I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to play on a PVP server.  Even though I’m an arms warrior, I imagine myself to be really bad at PVP (probably because I’m mostly a “clicker“).  Really bad.  I have some anecdotal evidence I may share eventually, but right now it’s too embarrassing.  Lastly, there was the issue of “taking advantage” of a guild for their pets.  It felt a little slimy, but I was buoyed by the fact that their leadership was offering it openly, and not charging for access.  So I rolled a goblin DK, picked up an extra caged Terrible Turnip to help fund my endeavor, whispered for an invite, and got leveling.

The guild had it setup pretty well.  They had a rank set just for pet-hunters, and set restrictions accordingly.  No bank access obviously; also, no guild chat.  It was weird not gratzing players on their various rare pet captures and achievements, which tells me I’m a more social person than I expected I was online.  Getting to Honored was relatively easy, and I picked up the Thundering Serpent Hatchling with ease.

Thundering Serpent Hatch.

When I had finished up and raised myself to Exalted rep with the guild (took about two days on and off – only ganked thrice!), I was excruciatingly short of funds to purchase Lil’ Tarecgosa by about 250 gold.  I checked their server’s AH to see what other pets I could purchase on my server and transfer over to fill the gap.  Terrible Turnip, again, was the answer.  But I’m an impatient collector, and waiting for it to (maybe, maybe not) sell on the AH was just too much.  I whispered the person who invited me to see about donating the pet to the guild for amount I still needed to acquire the pet, and in 5 minutes I had the gold via COD transfer!  Huzzah!

Lil Tarecgosa

I have to say, Lil’ Tarecgosa, while being slightly less-exclusive at this stage, is definitely my favorite of the two.  She has such a unique look – all cutesy and blue.  The Thundering Serpent Hatchling’s lightning spark effect is cool, but frankly it’s barely noticeable and can easily be mistaken for the Wild Jade Hatchling.  My next point of business will be getting back on the WarcraftPets guild’s server and doing something nice for the generous person who donated enough gold for me to buy my first rep tabard.  Maybe another pet purchase through the AH?

What extreme lengths have YOU gone to in order to catch your favorite pets?



Big Idea: A God Among Men

Not sure why, but ideas about how Blizz might add content or improve the game have been coming at me fast and furious these past few weeks.  Could be the hours and hours and hours I’m playing all day, I dunno.  In any case, I’m introducing a feature on this site called “Big Ideas”.

First up is an idea about a world event that would randomly award one player on each server.  The Big Idea about it? That award will be a one- or two-level gain for the remainder of the expansion (or a future xpac).  Here would be the prerequisites, assuming it would be dropped mid-MoP:

  1. Character must be Level 90
  2. Character must complete a series of quests
  3. Character must be online when the announcement event occurs

The quest chain would be something any level 90 could complete, and must be completed in order to be entered into the drawing.  You will not need to be part of an extravagant guild, you will not need to gather mats from dungeons, raids, battlegrounds.  The quest chain would maybe take 2-4 hours to complete.  And so that we prevent quest-area camping by others, perhaps the quests could be instanced.  The other caveat would be that your toon would need to be online for the announcement event.  This means that unless you’re a multi-boxer (play with more than one account on separate computers), you’ll need to pick


  1. Two-level increase from normal max for the remainder of the expansion (lvl 91/92)
  2. Title (feel free to put your suggestion in the comments!)
  3. Tabard and/or Mount and/or Companion Pet

I’m sure many might cry “OP!” – that the 2-level increase would somehow disrupt the balance of the game, but I counter that the randomness of the draw neutralizes that.  Sure, a top arena player might win it and have a greater edge in battle, but there’s just as good a chance some player who doesn’t raid/doesn’t pvp would win it.  And it’s not like there will be gear with higher stats they’ll be able to equip.  They may have some increased base stats as they normally scale, but I say it’s not enough to push balance off.

What are your thoughts?

Too Much Distraction

Things I should be doing in game that have been woefully-neglected due to pet battles/collection:

  • Dailies
  • LFR
  • Scenarios
  • Heroic Dungeons
  • Capping (or even coming close) my Valor Points
  • Earning gold through my professions
  • Appropriate daily exercise
  • Proper nutrition, hygiene
  • Leaving this chair

I (might be) exaggerating there at the end… or not.  😉

Pandaren Spirits Beaten!

Our Best ABBA Impression – Agnetha’s the blonde.

I thought this was going to be several weeks down the line, but I guess persistence won out: today I completed the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quest.  As my reward, I selected the Pandaren Earth Spirit pet, who I named Agnetha.  I named “her” after a member of the Swedish super-group ABBA because I had the song “Mamma Mia” stuck in my head the whole time I was researching/choosing the pet I was going to select.  So, apropos.  Ooh, I think I’ll name the remaining ones after members of ABBA as well.  Suh-weet!

I selected the Pandaren Earth Spirit as my first (guaranteed) pet because there is some speculation that the pet type drop in the dailies bags is tied to the type of Spirit you’re battling.  In that case, the Thundering Pandaren Spirit was by far the most difficult (and most reliant on RNG), and I’d like to not hit him up again anytime soon.

I managed to complete the dailies for the other three however, and I still spent a few Pet Bandages to keep things quick but it all worked out pretty well.  Alas, no stroke of luck for me tonight, so no additional Spirit Pets for the moment.  At some point in the near future, I’ll write up a guide of what pets I used for each boss.

Pro Pet Tip: Major Payne Daily

The Major Payne pet battle quest in Northrend is known to be one of the most difficult in the game.  He did indeed live up to his gimmicky name!  After numerous tries and team compositions, I finally settled on a group that works:

I line ’em up so that Clockwork Gnome comes out first, and re-engage Major Payne until Grizzle goes first.  Turrets go up first and again on cooldown, with Metal Fist in-between.  I find no use for Blitz in this pairing, but it can come in handy if he lives to fight one of the others.  I find that, unless everything goes wrong, Grizzle dies during his hibernation, and then usually Beakmaster X-225 is next.  Mechanical vs. Mechanical is not usually a great pairing, but when/if Clockwork goes down I sub in Lil’ Ragnaros, whose Flamethrower + Conflagrate does heavy damage.  And I save Huge Toad for last, and basically spam Frog Kiss for its damage increase with each hit and possible transform.  Usually Bloom doesn’t get a chance to play for very long!

So that’s my winning team.  Feel free to post your winning teams, or let me know if this or a similar comp worked well for you!

Patch 5.1: Day One Recap

When I heard on Monday that Patch 5.1 was going to be released on Tuesday, I nearly flipped my lid.  You don’t know me well by now (unless you’re from the future and reading archives), but I’m a bit of a pet battle… um, what’s the word to describe me…. oh yeah: a bit of a pet battle psycho, so 5.1 includes a lot of new features for me.  Here’s a brief rundown of my day:

First, I scored two family-based Flawless Battle-Stones from pet dailies.  Used them to upgrade my Restless Shadeling (“Despirito”) and Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling. I’m kind of regretting not using the aquatic to raise my Tiny Goldfish named “Ponyo“.  Ah well.

I also started on the Pandaren Spirit quest, which involves fighting the legendary teams of four Pandaren Spirits.  I managed to take down the Burning Pandaren Spirit’s team after about 6 or 7 attempts.  So difficult!  It really all comes down to luck with dodges, as those guys hit HARD and if you don’t avoid a few of their hits your pets are going to die.  I thought I had written down the team comp I used, but I cannot seem to find the scribbled notes.  I’ll leave a comment if I find it.  I had zero luck with the Thundering Pandaren Spirit, but I’ll need to figure something out for the rest of them eventually.  There ARE four pets on the line here!  I can’t imagine doing the daily for these every day in the mere hopes that one of the remaining three (you get one for finishing the quest at first, and then there’s a chance to have another in your Sack of Pet Goods).

Pet drops in old world raids? Hells yes!  My tally?  Molten Core: Zero.  Blackwing Lair: Zilch.  Naxxramas: Zip.  Grrrrr.  I’m dreading running Temple AQ and coming up empty-handed.  A friend of mine scored a couple pets in Naxx, including Mr. Bigglesworth who, according to official info, is the award for acquiring ALL of the available raid pets, not a drop from KT.  I’m way jealous!

I did manage to capture a few of the new battle pets, my favorite of which you can see above. Lil Green Eyes, my new Kun-Lai Runt – isn’t he adorable?  The total list is as follows (in order of my memory):

Wow! 7 new pets!  I hadn’t realized it was so many.  I had been so bummed about the raid pets that the captured ones just didn’t keep my attention.  A few other things bummed me out today:

  • The 3000 gold I received in the mail today for completing the Taming the World achievement appears to have removed itself from the remainder of my gold.  I cannot remember spending that much gold today.  Hmmmm.
  • The Safari Hat I was sooo looking forward to (in order to promote my progress on Pro Pet Mob), was nowhere to be found.  I’ve read online that it appears to be a bug that some players are experiencing.
  • Pet battle XP appears to have been either nerfed, or bugged.  I’m getting far less XP while leveling pets up than I did yesterday.  Battles that would normally yielding me 480 XP are not giving half that.  It’s weird, and I hope it’s just a glitch and not Blizzard’s attempt to quietly slow us power-levelers down.

Gosh, that’s all I can remember for now.  I should be asleep right now, preparing for Day 2.  Hoping the rolling restarts this morning at 7:00 AM PST fix some of my issues!

Hello world!

Welcome to Warrior Wez, my attempt to regularly recount my experiences in World of Warcraft!  In real life I’m a thirty-something woman working in project management, but in game I play a Level 90 female Worgen Arms Warrior, and I’ve been playing since January of 2009.  I came into WoW without any experience in MMO’s, or any sort of RPG’s.  Heck, I didn’t even know what “DPS” or “aggro” meant until I was nearly Level 80. Am I a tank? What’s a “tank”?

I could go on and on about my experiences leveling as a complete noob ,and I may do so in future posts, but I’ll keep this short and sweet for now.  With the 5.1 Mists of Pandaria Landfall patch, there are a lot of very exciting things happening, and I’m eager to talk about them!  Thanks for reading, and again – welcome!