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Winter Veil Wishlist

This post is in response to Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic for the week of December 3rd – 9th.

The World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil event this year brings with it a bunch of opportunities to acquire pets… well, so far as I know the one I don’t have will still be up for grabs (Lumpy). *Sigh*  Has anyone heard of anything being added this year?  I sure hope there’s something new to surprise us during this year’s festivities, but I’ll be happy if I can score that Lump of Coal.

I already scored bigtime by receiving a gift from my boyfriend delivered via in-game mail, sent in some Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper and everything.  He had asked me what rare wild pets I might still be missing.  I mentioned the Emerald Whelpling, as I could only remember running around and around that lake in northern Feralas murdering Noxious Whelps for ever and ever.  I thought he was just curious.  I didn’t know he would then murder whelps for hours on end for me.  So sweet!

I have a few more things on my wish list.  Items both available in game through grinding pet battles, old raids, and/or a little RNG, and available only through purchase.  The purchasable items are pie in the sky, and are only listed in case I have some wealthy WoW benefactor out there just looking for ideas on what to get me!

1. Mr. Bigglesworth

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 8.44.04 PM

After last week’s hotfix to the 5.1 patch that prevented the Mr. Bigglesworth pet from randomly dropping from Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas, the only way to acquire him is by completing the Raiding with Leashes meta achievement.  So far, I have merely two of the twelve required pet drops.  My run of Molten Core and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj came up fruitless, and I’ll need to wait until another night when my boyfriend can assist me with Razorgore in Blackwing Lair and all of Naxxramas.

If all else fails, it’s to the AH I go!  I don’t have many funds, but one or two of the pets would be a manageable set of in-game purchases!

2. Legendary Pet Battler

I’m off to a good start with this epic achievement which awards… well, nothing.  A few achievement points is all.  Winning 5000 pet battles is no small effort, and I would think they would wan to throw a fun pet or title into the mix.  But noooooo.  Nothing fun for us obsessives who can’t stop leveling our blues.  I’m at just over 3400.  If you multiply that number times the average number of minutes a pet battle takes (2-4 mins?), that’s… a lot of minutes, omg!  Still, I’d like to have this one in the bag by the end of Winter Veil.

3. Feldrake


This here starts the real deal stuff, y’all.  This here is where things get serious.  One day I was browsing to look at reasonably-priced pets I might not have, and I noticed this beautiful mount.  The Feldrake.  Just look at this amazing mount, will you?  It’s gorgeous.  It’s also around $200.00 USD.  Ah well.  One of the unique qualities about this mount is that it functions as a ground mount in places like arenas, battlegrounds, and some instances.  Sure to attract attention.  I would fly around on this thing all day looking for one of the new wild pets, I tell ya.  ALL. DAY.

4. Murky


Okay, this is where things get ridiculous (well, more ridiculous).  But if you don’t ask, Greatfather Winter won’t know, amiright?  Ever since I ran the King Mrgl-Mrgl quest chain through Boren Tundra, I fell in love with the baby murlocs.  Shortly thereafter I found out about Murky, the companion pet given as a gift to attendees of the 2005 Blizzcon.  He dances and sings, people!  I even have this song as a ringtone on my mobile phone and used it as a wake-up alarm for several years.  It’s etched into my brain.  But alas, the card to redeem him as an in-game companion (and battle!) pet is costly.  To the tune of $2000.00 USD.  Yeesh!

And last but not least…

5. World Peace

It’s my pageant answer, yo.  And I really do want it.

What are you hoping to receive this Winter Veil season?