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Pet Leveling Essential Toolset

There are myriad ways of acquiring information about the best way to level ones pets, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the tips I’ve found useful.  Below is a list of pets, locations, and best practices:

1. Terrible Turnip

Now this is more useful for capturing pets as you get to higher levels, but as capturing will be an integral part of the leveling process I thought it wise to include.  The Terrible Turnip has a vital move that can save you from accidentally killing an elusive rare, Weakening Blow.  This spell deals damage without reducing the opponent’s health below 1 health point.

Terrible Turnips are usually acquired through a random drop when harvesting crops (dropped as an Ominous Seed) at your farm at Sunsong Ranch in Valley of the Four Winds.  To start with this, you’ll need to become acquainted with The Tillers faction.  Once the seed is planted, your Turnip may be harvested the next day.  If you do not want to slow down the process by waiting for the RNG gods to be on your side, they are also usually plentifully available through your Auction House at reasonable rates (I’ve seen as low as 200 gold).  Don’t be the one who accidentally crits a last move on that rare Minfernal!

2. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

This guy is amazing for power-leveling pets and I would include him in your early team to 25.  Leveling each and every pet afterwards will be twice as fast with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling on your team!  His true usefulness becomes available at Level 20, in the form of Explode.  Explode is a suicide move, instantly killing the poor Dragonling, but taking away a large percentage of the enemy’s health.  Anywhere from about 20% for weak hits to 60% for strong ones.  At Level 25, that means that up against a beast opponent, you can commit seppuku when the enemy’s at around 800 HP and knock him out.  You have to make sure to time this correctly, however.  You don’t want that speedy rabbit to Dodge out of it.  There will be times where your timing will be off, but for the most part it is a consistently rewarding leveling tool.

Decoy is also a helpful tool for swapping in the low level pets mid-fight, if for some reason you’re not comfortable with putting them in the pole position.

Now as to why killing off a pet is important — because when a member of your pet team dies, they lose their share of the experience points awarded upon winning the battle, with the total now distributed among the live pets who actually fought in the battle.  So you bring out a Level 6 for one round of the fight, and have the Dragonling (mine’s name is Harikari) solo the remainder and die at the end, and you have a nice chunk of  experience that goes to the Level 6 alone.  Sometimes taking them up several levels at once!  I’ve had Level 1’s hit Level 6 in one battle.  It’s a pretty huge win.

Note: This XP method was temporarily broken on the release of 5.1, which made power-leveling very slow for a few days.  But thankfully it was deemed a bug and corrected – *whew*!

3. Darkmoon Zeppelin

Those times when I timed one of the Explodes wrong using Harikari and failed a match are now over, because I recently acquired the Darkmoon Zeppelin (purchased at the Darkmoon Faire for 90 Prize Tickets), who happens to ALSO have the Explode move (as well as Decoy).  This guy just gives an extra safety buffer for misses with the other.  Plus it’s sometimes fun to see some different spells  (Rocket vs. Breath) from time to time.  Note: Minfernal, Pet Bombling, and Sploder also have the Explode spell, but I think the Zeppelin is most fun!

4. Good Set of Locations

Here are a few of the locations I’ve used for my power-leveling endeavors.  The key component is that all enemies in these regions are between levels 21-25, and they are close to a Stable Master.  That 8-minute Revive cooldown can be tortuously long when you’re short of Pet Bandages!

  1. Dragonblight east of Wyrmrest Temple (approx 64.49, 52.55) – Fight the Dragonbone Hatchlings.  They are plentiful, respawn quickly, and the flight back to the Stable Master is about 6 seconds long!
  2. Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, between Mogu’shan Palace and your choice of Horde or Alliance Shrines.  There are aquatic and flying pets all over this region, they are high level, respawn quickly, and there’s a short flight to your local Stable Master.  This is usually where I take my Level 22 pets to “finish them off”.

5. Grand Master Pet Trainer Battles

Each day there are about 16 opportunities for battling Grand Master Pet Trainers and receiving a daily reward of a Sack, which usually awards Battle Pet Bandages, silly modification consumables for your pets, or useless (sellable) grey items.  And sometimes pets and battle-stones!  For these battles, there are experience multipliers due to the increased difficulty.  On the battle that you’re comfortable with (you stay out of this, Thundering Pandarian Spirit!), you can include a pet that’s a few levels under 25 and easily get him up far more than you would in regular wild battles.  The seven Grand Master Pet Trainers in Pandaria have the highest XP multiplier at x5 the normal XP.  So do your dailies!

6. Battle Pet Bandages!

An often overlooked but vital power-leveling tool.  If the above XP multiplier isn’t enough to motivate you to do your dailies, consider Battle Pet Bandages.  They can ONLY be acquired through dailies at this time, and they are very convenient while you’re doing your Trainer dailies – especially the Pandarian Spirits!

I’m 52 pets into my Pro Pet Mob achievement, and I’m still learning tricks.  Do you have any up your sleeve?


Pro Pet Tip: Major Payne Daily

The Major Payne pet battle quest in Northrend is known to be one of the most difficult in the game.  He did indeed live up to his gimmicky name!  After numerous tries and team compositions, I finally settled on a group that works:

I line ’em up so that Clockwork Gnome comes out first, and re-engage Major Payne until Grizzle goes first.  Turrets go up first and again on cooldown, with Metal Fist in-between.  I find no use for Blitz in this pairing, but it can come in handy if he lives to fight one of the others.  I find that, unless everything goes wrong, Grizzle dies during his hibernation, and then usually Beakmaster X-225 is next.  Mechanical vs. Mechanical is not usually a great pairing, but when/if Clockwork goes down I sub in Lil’ Ragnaros, whose Flamethrower + Conflagrate does heavy damage.  And I save Huge Toad for last, and basically spam Frog Kiss for its damage increase with each hit and possible transform.  Usually Bloom doesn’t get a chance to play for very long!

So that’s my winning team.  Feel free to post your winning teams, or let me know if this or a similar comp worked well for you!