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Gender in Battle Pets

World of Warcraft battle pets can be boys or girls – and not just via naming your Gilnean RavenLenore“.  Yes, I’m serious!  If you’ve spent any time getting into your pets’ abilities, or on varied battle pet forums, you may have noticed something called Breed IDs.  These Breed IDs set the skill makeup of the particular pet you’re fighting with, or against.  Does your pet have more health points, power, or speed?  With few exceptions, most pets several different breed makeups.  All the battle pets in game are assigned one, and you draw from them randomly upon engaging. has a great write-up here, if you’re interested in exploring it more.

One of the most heralded websites taking us behind the scenes on Breed IDs is Warcraft Battle Pets by Christoph Schaffhauser.  It’s great for establishing which breed your pet is and gives you an idea if it’s one of the better breeds of that particular pet.  For example, if you have a pet that has a skill that doubles its damage if it moves first, and yours shows that the health gets the highest piece of the pie, you may want to find a version of it with higher speed.  It can get very complicated but at least the information is there should you desire it.

An interesting thing I found while perusing the listings was little male (♂) and female (♀) symbols next to the individual breeds.  How curious!  Upon further digging, and confirmation from @mumper himself on the new interview, the genders are indeed embedded into the Breed ID’s and may play some role down the road.

I would love love LOVE to find a Kun-Lai Runt with a bow in her fur, along the lines of this beauty below…

Yeti with Bow

Just look at that bow… isn’t she a cutie pie?