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Winter Veil Arrives Just In Time!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the top items on my Winter Veil Wishlist this year were Mr. Bigglesworth, the Legendary Pet Battler achievement, the Feldrake, and maybe even a Lump of Coal.  Well, barring the extravagant inclusions of Murky and world peace, I can happily say that as of Day 2 in this year’s Winter Veil Festival, I have received/achieved everything I had hoped to!

The Feldrake was a present to myself, and I’ve spent the last week getting random whispers from people asking about my “sick mount”.  I don’t mind the attention.  And Friday became the epic grind day, pushing for that 5000th battle win, and begging and bartering for raid pets in hopes of the meta-achievement completion for Mr. Bigglesworth.  Within moments of each other early Saturday morning, both achievements were… achieved!


My luck in raids has been less than stellar, so many of the pets I gathered either came from purchases or in-game trades (“I’ll trade you a Pandaren Earth Spirit for the Anubisath Idol!”).  I found myself posting on forum threads and spamming trade for takers; something I wouldn’t normally bring myself to do.  I mean, what’s another raid lockout (or twelve) for the eventual drops?  Well, I am not known for my patience, and the will drives one to do some spazzy things sometimes!

Upon completing Raiding with Leashes, I could hardly quell my excitement, so got to work leveling Mr. Bigglesworth at once!


Two new pets cheering on a third.


This morning I woke from dreams of Lumpy prices on the Auction House.  I had a wondrous dream that two were available for 399 gold each.  I lingered in bed for a while, not looking forward to the trips up to Hillsbrad Foothills to battle The Abominable Greench for a distant chance at that Lump of Coal.  My boyfriend called to me from the other room with news that Greatfather Winter had mailed out presents, and the chance at Lumpy had gone up.  He knows me well – it got me up, alright.  But it wasn’t merely Greatfather Winter who had sent a wrapped gift.  No, a Night Elf Hunter also happened to send me a Wrapped Gift, and in a few clicks I had a brand new Lumpy in my arsenal!  Yay for awesome boyfriends!

The last few days I’ve spent leveling more pets and grinding for the Clawing Craw by doing archaeology.  But I hit my limit yesterday, and decided to level up my DK alt for a bit.  I went from Level 84 up to about 75% into 85 in Jade Forest.  It was a nice change of pace, and it was helping me fund my main account after the big Darkmoon Rabbit purchase.  I feel like I’ve hit the apex and am now calming down a bit.  I find myself hunting rares, then wanting to level pets to 25, then doing archaeology, then checking the AH for affordable pets I may not have yet.  Not really rallying behind any single cause.  I’m returning to work after a long break tomorrow, so hopefully the new restrictions on my time will help me to refocus.



Another Raid Lockout, Another Pet


New Toy and a Tired Grind for the Claw

While traveling from pet battle daily to pet battle daily, I heard a knock at my door.  Knowing what it was likely to be, I bolted from my chair to the entryway.  I was greeted by a friendly USPS delivery women, who asked me to sign for an envelope.  I couldn’t hide the excitement as I signed and, thinking back, might have rudely quickened her away.  But The Precious was waiting for me in this envelope!

I opened the mailing envelope to find The Precious in an additional four layers of protection.  Ladies and Gentleman, might I present:


Feldrake wooooooot!

He is such a sweet ride.  Which is good, because I spent a LOT of time on his back today.  With my recent pet battle push to the Singing Cricket recently complete, I’ve doddled around without a goal.  Well, one has appeared before me.

I do not have the Crawling Claw rare companion pet from Tol’vir archaeology.  I KNOW!  I spent more time than I should have at the beginning of Cataclysm going insane on the new profession, but a few key items elude me still (Crawling Claw, Zin’rokh).  Now having grown into the pet collector I am, the Crawling Claw is a must-have item.


Let’s go crazy!

But flying all around Kalimdor waiting for Uldum dig spots to randomly pop is just the last thing I want to do.  Thankfully, Blizzard has made the grind for these sorts of things a little more tolerable by introducing a sort of token system built into the Pandaria digs.  As you create artifacts, those either (rarely) turn into Pristine versions in the forms of quests which can be turned in at The Seat of Knowledge, or transformed into a crated box which can then be traded to Brann Bronzebeard (also at The Seat of Knowledge) for a boxed quantity of the Pre-Mists of Pandaria archaeology fragments of your choice.

At first I didn’t think it would help much, but boy has it made solving Tol’vir artifacts speedier!  I even got a rare today (not the one I wanted, unfortunately) – the Scepter of Azj’Aqir/Aquamarine Qiraji Battle Tank mount.

The other good thing about roaming around Pandaria for digsites is the achievements.  Oh, the achievements!  The ones shown here are only a small “fragment” (ha ha), as I switched computers midday and was too tired to transfer those screencaps over.  Eh, the image would have been too large, anyways.

I winded down just as the server was scheduled to go offline at 1:00 AM PST, but I’ll be back on later today after the server pops back up.  In the meantime I’ll be looking into audiobooks or PODCASTS that might be good at keeping me entertained for the hours and hours and hours I’ll be flying around on my gorgeous new mount!

Critter-gettin’ or Crittergeddon, Whatever Works

The last two days have been very big for pet-collector Wezmerelda.  I was ever-so-close to the Pro Pet Mob achievement (62 pets) and decided to grind my way up to 75.  It took me who knows how many hours (and I didn’t rig it with the Farmer Nishi exploit, thank you very much), but around 1:30 AM PST, I got my Singing Cricket!



Today I’ve been a little wayward, not really knowing what to do with my time.  I’m not in a large guild or anything, so I don’t have a whole lot of people to brag to.  I sent Cory Stockton, a Lead Content Designer (@mumper) a couple tweets about how I was underwhelmed by the model for the Singing Cricket:

No response, though I’d be surprised if I did!

Mid-day I spotted an auction that looked, well, too good to be true.  It was for a Darkmoon Rabbit, and the Buy It Now price was about 64k, and the current bid was 29k.  The player selling it was posting about it in trade, saying it was available for bids, etc.  I didn’t even have enough money to cover the 29k, so I dismissed it.  Though while chatting at a guildmate (my boyfriend’s brother – we’re a small family guild) I jokingly asked if he had 20k to spare me.  When he took me up on it, I um, wow, I just didn’t know what to say instead of giving him a big “Whoa! Thanks!”, and promising to give him every extra pet I come across for the conceivable future!

After an anxious time spent watching the auction, I had a bid strategy and a stopwatch started once “Short” hit.  About three minutes before I was going to place my max bid, the listing disappeared.  Holy crap, where did it bloody go??!!??  Adrenaline waning, I resigned myself to the fact that it was too good to be true, and went to whack at some more wild pets – I even tried some PVP, which is new for me!

Moments later, the brother messaged that the listing was back up, for only a thousand gold more – and by the same guy.  I. Was. Flabbergasted!  You mean to tell me the seller took it down only to list it again?  Why wouldn’t he play fair?  I looked him up, ready to send him a tirade, and his toon wasn’t online.  So off to to look for alts.  Sure enough I found an alt online and whispered him, telling him I was just about to place a bid of X amount when I saw it snagged, and he relisted it.  What was the deal?  He confessed that when he saw what he thought would be the winning bid he found it to be a player he knew well to be a bit of an arrogant character on the server, and he didn’t want it going to him for such a deal (the thing usually goes north of 100k, so…).

I again reiterated my interest, that this would not be up for resale and that I was an avid collector being helped out by my guild in this purchase, and, to my shock, he said yes!  I took ownership of Chompers, my Darkmoon Rabbit for 36,000 gold and it’s like a dream come true.  I also noticed it came out as the “good breed” (5 – I hadn’t known until immediately prior that it could have more than one variant), so score on that as well.  I’d say this day has been pretty epic… now if I could only get those 732 more pet battle wins towards Legendary Pet Battler… it’s on!


Jiminy the Singing Cricket, and Chompers the Darkmoon Rabbit

The Band’s (Almost) All Here!


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to acquire the Pandaren Water Spirit.  And then this morning doing my dailies I lucked into the Pandaren Air Spirit as well.  Huzzah!  This adds to the Pandaren Earth Spirit I selected as the original quest reward, and now I have nearly the complete set!  I’m just missing the Pandaren Fire Spirit, but once she drops (or I break down and purchase her from the AH), the naming convention I’m using will come full circle.  Can you guess from the names above?  What name is left?

Update: I picked up the Pandaren Fire Spirit on the Auction House for what I considered to be a screamin’ deal, so the band is complete!  The answer to my question above is “Frida”, the final (and my fave) member of the Swedish supergroup, ABBA!  Spencer wins… nothing, but hopefully a boost to his pride 🙂

The Things We Do For Pets

I’m a one-toon kind of gal.  I’ve started alts but always tired of them very quickly.  I once leveled a Mage to 47 and a DK to 84 (really? not that ONE MORE LEVEL to 85??), but that’s about the length I’ve gone to.

I have been in larger social/raiding guilds, but after finding myself too, let’s call it “emotionally charged” in a prior guild during Cata, I took a break and went into a smaller guild – the bank guild I started that my boyfriend and his brother eventually joined: Friends of Pengu.  That’s it; there’s only three of us in it, people!  So while I managed to score an Armadillo Pup and a Dark Phoenix Hatchling before I left the raiding guild, I’ve been pretty sure that Lil’ Tarecgosa and the Thundering Serpent Hatchling were well out of my grasp.

That is, until I was perusing forums.

I saw that had a guild where people could get together and have fun events/talk about pets.  They also had Lil’ Tarecgosa available.  I was sold, and rolled a Horde toon on the Madoran server in order to request an invite.  I found everyone there super helpful and it was a nice, jovial community.

Later that day, I came across a post on the WoW forums asking if any guild had the Thundering Serpent Hatchling (this is the pet available to a guild who has received the Challenge Conquerors: Gold – Guild Edition achievement).  No guild on my home server has this achievement.  But some amazingly generous pet collector from a guild was allowing invites for players interested in getting both dragonkin pets.


At first I was reticent: I was already in the WarcraftPets guild, and had received some generosity to aide in my leveling.  Also, this other guild was on a PVP server(!!).  I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to play on a PVP server.  Even though I’m an arms warrior, I imagine myself to be really bad at PVP (probably because I’m mostly a “clicker“).  Really bad.  I have some anecdotal evidence I may share eventually, but right now it’s too embarrassing.  Lastly, there was the issue of “taking advantage” of a guild for their pets.  It felt a little slimy, but I was buoyed by the fact that their leadership was offering it openly, and not charging for access.  So I rolled a goblin DK, picked up an extra caged Terrible Turnip to help fund my endeavor, whispered for an invite, and got leveling.

The guild had it setup pretty well.  They had a rank set just for pet-hunters, and set restrictions accordingly.  No bank access obviously; also, no guild chat.  It was weird not gratzing players on their various rare pet captures and achievements, which tells me I’m a more social person than I expected I was online.  Getting to Honored was relatively easy, and I picked up the Thundering Serpent Hatchling with ease.

Thundering Serpent Hatch.

When I had finished up and raised myself to Exalted rep with the guild (took about two days on and off – only ganked thrice!), I was excruciatingly short of funds to purchase Lil’ Tarecgosa by about 250 gold.  I checked their server’s AH to see what other pets I could purchase on my server and transfer over to fill the gap.  Terrible Turnip, again, was the answer.  But I’m an impatient collector, and waiting for it to (maybe, maybe not) sell on the AH was just too much.  I whispered the person who invited me to see about donating the pet to the guild for amount I still needed to acquire the pet, and in 5 minutes I had the gold via COD transfer!  Huzzah!

Lil Tarecgosa

I have to say, Lil’ Tarecgosa, while being slightly less-exclusive at this stage, is definitely my favorite of the two.  She has such a unique look – all cutesy and blue.  The Thundering Serpent Hatchling’s lightning spark effect is cool, but frankly it’s barely noticeable and can easily be mistaken for the Wild Jade Hatchling.  My next point of business will be getting back on the WarcraftPets guild’s server and doing something nice for the generous person who donated enough gold for me to buy my first rep tabard.  Maybe another pet purchase through the AH?

What extreme lengths have YOU gone to in order to catch your favorite pets?