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Big Idea: A God Among Men

Not sure why, but ideas about how Blizz might add content or improve the game have been coming at me fast and furious these past few weeks.  Could be the hours and hours and hours I’m playing all day, I dunno.  In any case, I’m introducing a feature on this site called “Big Ideas”.

First up is an idea about a world event that would randomly award one player on each server.  The Big Idea about it? That award will be a one- or two-level gain for the remainder of the expansion (or a future xpac).  Here would be the prerequisites, assuming it would be dropped mid-MoP:

  1. Character must be Level 90
  2. Character must complete a series of quests
  3. Character must be online when the announcement event occurs

The quest chain would be something any level 90 could complete, and must be completed in order to be entered into the drawing.  You will not need to be part of an extravagant guild, you will not need to gather mats from dungeons, raids, battlegrounds.  The quest chain would maybe take 2-4 hours to complete.  And so that we prevent quest-area camping by others, perhaps the quests could be instanced.  The other caveat would be that your toon would need to be online for the announcement event.  This means that unless you’re a multi-boxer (play with more than one account on separate computers), you’ll need to pick


  1. Two-level increase from normal max for the remainder of the expansion (lvl 91/92)
  2. Title (feel free to put your suggestion in the comments!)
  3. Tabard and/or Mount and/or Companion Pet

I’m sure many might cry “OP!” – that the 2-level increase would somehow disrupt the balance of the game, but I counter that the randomness of the draw neutralizes that.  Sure, a top arena player might win it and have a greater edge in battle, but there’s just as good a chance some player who doesn’t raid/doesn’t pvp would win it.  And it’s not like there will be gear with higher stats they’ll be able to equip.  They may have some increased base stats as they normally scale, but I say it’s not enough to push balance off.

What are your thoughts?