Winter Veil Arrives Just In Time!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the top items on my Winter Veil Wishlist this year were Mr. Bigglesworth, the Legendary Pet Battler achievement, the Feldrake, and maybe even a Lump of Coal.  Well, barring the extravagant inclusions of Murky and world peace, I can happily say that as of Day 2 in this year’s Winter Veil Festival, I have received/achieved everything I had hoped to!

The Feldrake was a present to myself, and I’ve spent the last week getting random whispers from people asking about my “sick mount”.  I don’t mind the attention.  And Friday became the epic grind day, pushing for that 5000th battle win, and begging and bartering for raid pets in hopes of the meta-achievement completion for Mr. Bigglesworth.  Within moments of each other early Saturday morning, both achievements were… achieved!


My luck in raids has been less than stellar, so many of the pets I gathered either came from purchases or in-game trades (“I’ll trade you a Pandaren Earth Spirit for the Anubisath Idol!”).  I found myself posting on forum threads and spamming trade for takers; something I wouldn’t normally bring myself to do.  I mean, what’s another raid lockout (or twelve) for the eventual drops?  Well, I am not known for my patience, and the will drives one to do some spazzy things sometimes!

Upon completing Raiding with Leashes, I could hardly quell my excitement, so got to work leveling Mr. Bigglesworth at once!


Two new pets cheering on a third.


This morning I woke from dreams of Lumpy prices on the Auction House.  I had a wondrous dream that two were available for 399 gold each.  I lingered in bed for a while, not looking forward to the trips up to Hillsbrad Foothills to battle The Abominable Greench for a distant chance at that Lump of Coal.  My boyfriend called to me from the other room with news that Greatfather Winter had mailed out presents, and the chance at Lumpy had gone up.  He knows me well – it got me up, alright.  But it wasn’t merely Greatfather Winter who had sent a wrapped gift.  No, a Night Elf Hunter also happened to send me a Wrapped Gift, and in a few clicks I had a brand new Lumpy in my arsenal!  Yay for awesome boyfriends!

The last few days I’ve spent leveling more pets and grinding for the Clawing Craw by doing archaeology.  But I hit my limit yesterday, and decided to level up my DK alt for a bit.  I went from Level 84 up to about 75% into 85 in Jade Forest.  It was a nice change of pace, and it was helping me fund my main account after the big Darkmoon Rabbit purchase.  I feel like I’ve hit the apex and am now calming down a bit.  I find myself hunting rares, then wanting to level pets to 25, then doing archaeology, then checking the AH for affordable pets I may not have yet.  Not really rallying behind any single cause.  I’m returning to work after a long break tomorrow, so hopefully the new restrictions on my time will help me to refocus.



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