Critter-gettin’ or Crittergeddon, Whatever Works

The last two days have been very big for pet-collector Wezmerelda.  I was ever-so-close to the Pro Pet Mob achievement (62 pets) and decided to grind my way up to 75.  It took me who knows how many hours (and I didn’t rig it with the Farmer Nishi exploit, thank you very much), but around 1:30 AM PST, I got my Singing Cricket!



Today I’ve been a little wayward, not really knowing what to do with my time.  I’m not in a large guild or anything, so I don’t have a whole lot of people to brag to.  I sent Cory Stockton, a Lead Content Designer (@mumper) a couple tweets about how I was underwhelmed by the model for the Singing Cricket:

No response, though I’d be surprised if I did!

Mid-day I spotted an auction that looked, well, too good to be true.  It was for a Darkmoon Rabbit, and the Buy It Now price was about 64k, and the current bid was 29k.  The player selling it was posting about it in trade, saying it was available for bids, etc.  I didn’t even have enough money to cover the 29k, so I dismissed it.  Though while chatting at a guildmate (my boyfriend’s brother – we’re a small family guild) I jokingly asked if he had 20k to spare me.  When he took me up on it, I um, wow, I just didn’t know what to say instead of giving him a big “Whoa! Thanks!”, and promising to give him every extra pet I come across for the conceivable future!

After an anxious time spent watching the auction, I had a bid strategy and a stopwatch started once “Short” hit.  About three minutes before I was going to place my max bid, the listing disappeared.  Holy crap, where did it bloody go??!!??  Adrenaline waning, I resigned myself to the fact that it was too good to be true, and went to whack at some more wild pets – I even tried some PVP, which is new for me!

Moments later, the brother messaged that the listing was back up, for only a thousand gold more – and by the same guy.  I. Was. Flabbergasted!  You mean to tell me the seller took it down only to list it again?  Why wouldn’t he play fair?  I looked him up, ready to send him a tirade, and his toon wasn’t online.  So off to to look for alts.  Sure enough I found an alt online and whispered him, telling him I was just about to place a bid of X amount when I saw it snagged, and he relisted it.  What was the deal?  He confessed that when he saw what he thought would be the winning bid he found it to be a player he knew well to be a bit of an arrogant character on the server, and he didn’t want it going to him for such a deal (the thing usually goes north of 100k, so…).

I again reiterated my interest, that this would not be up for resale and that I was an avid collector being helped out by my guild in this purchase, and, to my shock, he said yes!  I took ownership of Chompers, my Darkmoon Rabbit for 36,000 gold and it’s like a dream come true.  I also noticed it came out as the “good breed” (5 – I hadn’t known until immediately prior that it could have more than one variant), so score on that as well.  I’d say this day has been pretty epic… now if I could only get those 732 more pet battle wins towards Legendary Pet Battler… it’s on!


Jiminy the Singing Cricket, and Chompers the Darkmoon Rabbit


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