The Band’s (Almost) All Here!


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to acquire the Pandaren Water Spirit.  And then this morning doing my dailies I lucked into the Pandaren Air Spirit as well.  Huzzah!  This adds to the Pandaren Earth Spirit I selected as the original quest reward, and now I have nearly the complete set!  I’m just missing the Pandaren Fire Spirit, but once she drops (or I break down and purchase her from the AH), the naming convention I’m using will come full circle.  Can you guess from the names above?  What name is left?

Update: I picked up the Pandaren Fire Spirit on the Auction House for what I considered to be a screamin’ deal, so the band is complete!  The answer to my question above is “Frida”, the final (and my fave) member of the Swedish supergroup, ABBA!  Spencer wins… nothing, but hopefully a boost to his pride 🙂


Posted on December 7, 2012, in Collecting. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. That fire spirit wouldn’t be planned to be named Anni-Frid would it?

  2. You nearly nailed it! I chose the abbreviated version, “Frida” – picked her up for quite a steal on the AH. Couldn’t pass!

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