Bragging Rights

I’m a sucker for competition, and I’m usually let down because I lack the skill to compete in much.  Gear score?  Nah.  Maybe back at the end of Wrath when no one was an Arms Warrior.  PVP rating?  Are you kidding me?  But thanks to‘s Pet Scoring algorithms, I’ve got a game I can play to win!


#1 spot on Durotan-US, woot!  And nearly the top 300 in the world!  I’ve been in a race with a mage on the server, and every couple days (or few hours?) I’m updating the status to see where the standings are.  He will take the lead for a bit, then I’ll be able to work to back up above.  It’s pretty fun.  Along with this I get to work towards my Legendary Pet Battler (3714 as of this publishing) and Pro Pet Mob (count at 52 presently).

It feels pretty good to be in the lead, and I’m only a little embarrassed to say it.  🙂



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