Pro Pet Tip: Major Payne Daily

The Major Payne pet battle quest in Northrend is known to be one of the most difficult in the game.  He did indeed live up to his gimmicky name!  After numerous tries and team compositions, I finally settled on a group that works:

I line ’em up so that Clockwork Gnome comes out first, and re-engage Major Payne until Grizzle goes first.  Turrets go up first and again on cooldown, with Metal Fist in-between.  I find no use for Blitz in this pairing, but it can come in handy if he lives to fight one of the others.  I find that, unless everything goes wrong, Grizzle dies during his hibernation, and then usually Beakmaster X-225 is next.  Mechanical vs. Mechanical is not usually a great pairing, but when/if Clockwork goes down I sub in Lil’ Ragnaros, whose Flamethrower + Conflagrate does heavy damage.  And I save Huge Toad for last, and basically spam Frog Kiss for its damage increase with each hit and possible transform.  Usually Bloom doesn’t get a chance to play for very long!

So that’s my winning team.  Feel free to post your winning teams, or let me know if this or a similar comp worked well for you!


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