Patch 5.1: Day One Recap

When I heard on Monday that Patch 5.1 was going to be released on Tuesday, I nearly flipped my lid.  You don’t know me well by now (unless you’re from the future and reading archives), but I’m a bit of a pet battle… um, what’s the word to describe me…. oh yeah: a bit of a pet battle psycho, so 5.1 includes a lot of new features for me.  Here’s a brief rundown of my day:

First, I scored two family-based Flawless Battle-Stones from pet dailies.  Used them to upgrade my Restless Shadeling (“Despirito”) and Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling. I’m kind of regretting not using the aquatic to raise my Tiny Goldfish named “Ponyo“.  Ah well.

I also started on the Pandaren Spirit quest, which involves fighting the legendary teams of four Pandaren Spirits.  I managed to take down the Burning Pandaren Spirit’s team after about 6 or 7 attempts.  So difficult!  It really all comes down to luck with dodges, as those guys hit HARD and if you don’t avoid a few of their hits your pets are going to die.  I thought I had written down the team comp I used, but I cannot seem to find the scribbled notes.  I’ll leave a comment if I find it.  I had zero luck with the Thundering Pandaren Spirit, but I’ll need to figure something out for the rest of them eventually.  There ARE four pets on the line here!  I can’t imagine doing the daily for these every day in the mere hopes that one of the remaining three (you get one for finishing the quest at first, and then there’s a chance to have another in your Sack of Pet Goods).

Pet drops in old world raids? Hells yes!  My tally?  Molten Core: Zero.  Blackwing Lair: Zilch.  Naxxramas: Zip.  Grrrrr.  I’m dreading running Temple AQ and coming up empty-handed.  A friend of mine scored a couple pets in Naxx, including Mr. Bigglesworth who, according to official info, is the award for acquiring ALL of the available raid pets, not a drop from KT.  I’m way jealous!

I did manage to capture a few of the new battle pets, my favorite of which you can see above. Lil Green Eyes, my new Kun-Lai Runt – isn’t he adorable?  The total list is as follows (in order of my memory):

Wow! 7 new pets!  I hadn’t realized it was so many.  I had been so bummed about the raid pets that the captured ones just didn’t keep my attention.  A few other things bummed me out today:

  • The 3000 gold I received in the mail today for completing the Taming the World achievement appears to have removed itself from the remainder of my gold.  I cannot remember spending that much gold today.  Hmmmm.
  • The Safari Hat I was sooo looking forward to (in order to promote my progress on Pro Pet Mob), was nowhere to be found.  I’ve read online that it appears to be a bug that some players are experiencing.
  • Pet battle XP appears to have been either nerfed, or bugged.  I’m getting far less XP while leveling pets up than I did yesterday.  Battles that would normally yielding me 480 XP are not giving half that.  It’s weird, and I hope it’s just a glitch and not Blizzard’s attempt to quietly slow us power-levelers down.

Gosh, that’s all I can remember for now.  I should be asleep right now, preparing for Day 2.  Hoping the rolling restarts this morning at 7:00 AM PST fix some of my issues!


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