Pandaren Spirits Beaten!

Our Best ABBA Impression – Agnetha’s the blonde.

I thought this was going to be several weeks down the line, but I guess persistence won out: today I completed the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quest.  As my reward, I selected the Pandaren Earth Spirit pet, who I named Agnetha.  I named “her” after a member of the Swedish super-group ABBA because I had the song “Mamma Mia” stuck in my head the whole time I was researching/choosing the pet I was going to select.  So, apropos.  Ooh, I think I’ll name the remaining ones after members of ABBA as well.  Suh-weet!

I selected the Pandaren Earth Spirit as my first (guaranteed) pet because there is some speculation that the pet type drop in the dailies bags is tied to the type of Spirit you’re battling.  In that case, the Thundering Pandaren Spirit was by far the most difficult (and most reliant on RNG), and I’d like to not hit him up again anytime soon.

I managed to complete the dailies for the other three however, and I still spent a few Pet Bandages to keep things quick but it all worked out pretty well.  Alas, no stroke of luck for me tonight, so no additional Spirit Pets for the moment.  At some point in the near future, I’ll write up a guide of what pets I used for each boss.


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